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SINOTRUK electric heavy duty truck winter guide - vehicle aspects

Jun 21, 2024

First, low-temperature environment charging, turn on the key, you can charge while blowing warm air in the cab, to avoid freezing cold.

Second, meet the bridge, back of the sun area, rain, snow and slippery road surface, should be slow and slow, light on the throttle and light on the brakes, minimize braking, to prevent floating water and thin ice caused by vehicle skidding, resulting in loss of control of the vehicle. When traveling with the car in front of you to keep a sufficient safety distance, do not grab the traffic lights, improve driving safety.
Third, in low temperature, the steering hydraulic fluid viscous enhancement, steering pump will make “buzzing” sound when you hit the direction, before the start of the fire, intermittent small range of steering wheel on the steering power system for about 10 minutes to warm up and then start can be.

Fourth, climbing, on gravel or slippery roads, on steep slopes when the wheel slips seriously, you can temporarily turn off the ASR switch, open the inter-axle locks, differential locks, to improve the vehicle drive capacity, accelerate the vehicle out of trouble; if it is a heavy-duty situation, you can also manually downshift in a way that improves the ability to climb slopes.

Instead of waiting until the car has a problem and then anxious, it is better to pay attention to the details to maintain in normal times. The above electric heavy truck winter maintenance tips, add a layer of protection to the truck Golden Bell Shield, for the winter car escort.

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