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On the way to rapid development, China National Heavy Duty Truck (SINOTRUK) bears social responsibility and goes forward with love. It has invested over 100 million yuan in disaster relief projects and donated nearly 30 million yuan. In recent years, with the continuous development of charity of SINOTRUK, it has won honors and titles including National Civilized Unit, China Charity Award, 2009 National Advanced Unit of Spiritual Civilization Construction, National Home of Model Workers, Hong Kong Community Chest Honor Award, Shandong Charity Award, Shandong’s Most Caring Enterprise Award, 2008 Top Ten Responsible Enterprises in Shandong, 2009 Provincial Civilized Unit, 2009 Most Caring Enterprise Award, My Brothers and Sisters—Caring Ambassador Award, Outstanding Collective for Public Welfare in Quancheng, Jinan, Outstanding Contribution Award of Courageous Actions in Jinan and Outstanding Contribution Award of Jinan’s Charity in a Decade.

Over the years, SINOTRUK has taken the initiative to undertake social responsibility, actively support charity and disability-helping undertakings, and enthusiastically participate in social public welfare activities. In July 2006, it took the lead in establishing the enterprise charity workstation in Jinan, organizing and guiding the staff to actively participate in all kinds of disaster relief and daily charitable donations. Moreover, with the development of enterprises and the enhancement of employees’ charity awareness, donations have increased yearly. SINOTRUK has pledged philanthropic funds to the Shandong Province and Jinan Charity Federation from the original 20 million yuan to 100 million yuan at present, 5.6 million yuan annually. Since listing Sinotruk (Hong Kong) Limited, it has continuously presented the community chest to Hong Kong charitable organizations. It has been awarded the Hong Kong Community Chest Honor Award. In the “Respect, Care and Help” activity for disabled people, SINOTRUK donated to Shandong Province and Jinan Foundation for Disabled Persons for the medical treatment, rehabilitation, education, and living assistance of poor disabled persons. Regarding the “National Disability Day” every year, charity programs are offered to disabled people.

Facing all kinds of disasters like the Wenchuan earthquake, Yushu earthquake, freezing disaster, early disaster in the south, tsunami in Southeast Asia, and the flooding accident in Huayuan coal mine, etc., over the past few years, the employees of SINOTRUK have generously donated a total of 30 million yuan. Some units also organized employees to go deep into the disaster area to distribute supplies to the masses and send mineral water to school students. To support the people of Sichuan in rebuilding their homes, in May 2009, SINOTRUK invested the first capital in Mianyang to build a new company named SINOTRUK Mianyang Special Vehicle Co., Ltd. with an annual production capacity of 10,000 special-purpose vehicles, which was officially put into operation in December 2009, providing 300 jobs for Mianyang. On August 24, 2010, the Mianyang Municipal People’s Government and SINOTRUK signed an agreement on the Sichuan Mianyang Truck Project of SINOTRUK, with a total investment of about 2 billion yuan, which would have the assembly capacity of 40,000 heavy-duty vehicles per year after its completion and put into operation. The initial investment was about 1 billion yuan, forming the assembly capacity of 20,000 heavy-duty trucks. In 2010, in response to the national western strategy and the strategic layout of the development in Haixi, SINOTRUK Chengdu Wangpai Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd. and SINOTRUK Fujian Haixi Truck Co., Ltd. were opened.

SINOTRUK organizes employees to participate in various volunteer activities and actively supports multiple social and public welfare undertakings. It donated 20,000 yuan to a primary school in Shanxi to help improve its educational infrastructure. It invested millions of yuan to participate in the activities of building a new socialist countryside in 2008 and subsidized a series of infrastructure constructions such as paving roads, repairing bridges, constructing water conservancy facilities, installing streetlights, and constructing a biogas digester in Qimiao Village of Longsansi Town, Shanghe County, Shandong Province. To support the municipal construction of Jinan, in March 2010, SINOTRUK donated ten multi-functional sanitation trucks valued at 5 million yuan to the Jinan Municipal Government to benefit the Jinan people.

In addition, SINOTRUK is also enthusiastic about supporting the development of sports undertakings and has successively named the Shandong women’s soccer team, the chess team of Life Daily QunKang Club, and sponsored the China Wrestling King Battle, the national women’s weightlifting team, the 11th National Games, and the Chinese weightlifting team’s joining the London Olympics, and so on.

In the case of financial turmoil and unstable capital market, SINOTRUK has always protected the rights and interests of the majority of shareholders and successively increased its stake in SINOTRUK (Hong Kong) Limited up to 43,218,000 shares on September 23 and October 17, 2009.

In 2010, in the “Volunteer Service Action of Caring for Empty Nest Elderly” in Jinan, 200,000 yuan was donated to the China Volunteer Service Foundation. Under the influence of the Group’s charity work, the specialized factories took the initiative to go deeper into the rural areas to carry out “Lighting the small lamps” activity. They donated more than 890 books to stay-at-home children.

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