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Sinotruck Sidewall Semi Trailer Truck

Sinotruck Sidewall Semi Trailer Truck engineered to deliver exceptional performance and unparalleled durability, this 60 ton 3 axle drop side semi trailer is the ultimate solution for your hauling needs.

Dimension: 12500x2500x3260mm

Weight (KG): Max.70 tons

Axle: 2/3/4/5/6

King Pin: 90#

Landing Gear: JOST brand

Sinotruck Sidewall Semi Trailer Truck
Product Description
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With a staggering 60-ton load capacity, the 60 ton 3 axle drop side semi trailer for sale is built to handle the toughest and heaviest loads.

Whether you’re transporting construction materials, machinery, or other oversized cargo, this trailer has the strength and capacity to get the job done efficiently. The drop side feature of this 60 ton 3 axle drop side semi trailer for sale provides unmatched convenience and flexibility. Loading and unloading your cargo becomes a breeze, thanks to the easy-access sides that can be lowered.


Product Name 3 Axle Side Wall Semi Trailer
Usage Transport of Cargo Goods and Container
Weight Loading Weight 60Ton
Overall Size 12500x2500x2200mm
Frame Design/
Welding Technology
Heavy Duty and Extra Durablity Designed;
Welding by Automatic Submerged-Arc Processes
Main Beam High Strength T700 Steel.
Upper Plate Thickness is 14mm,
Down Plate Thickness is 16mm,
Middle Plate Thickness is 8mm.
Side Beam 16#Channel Steel
Platform Plate 3mm Diamond Plate
Parts Axle FUWA 3 Axle
King Pin 2.0 or 3.5 Inch Bolts Type or Welding Type
Suspension Mechanical Suspension, Thickening
Leaf Spring Heavy Duty Standard Leaf Spring 90(W)mm×13(Thickness)mm×10(Layer)
Laning Gear Standard 28Ton
Tire 12R22.5 *12 Pieces
Steel Rim 9.00×22.5 *12 Pieces
Brake System Dual Line Braking System
ABS Without ABS(Optional)
Electrical 24V, 7 Pin Socket, One Set 7-Core Standard Cable
(Rear and Tail Combination Lights, Side Marker Lights, License Plate Lights, Brake Lights)
Painting Two Component Paint
Spare Tire Frame 2 Sets
Tool Box 1 Set(1×0.5×0.5M)
Sinotruck Sidewall Semi Trailer has a carrying capacity of 60 tonnes. Customised side wall height, body length and other details are available. We always use the best quality materials to produce 3 axle sidewall semi trailer.
This trailer is designed to accommodate 20, 40, 45, and 48ft containers, providing flexibility in transporting different sizes of cargo.
Easy Loading and Unloading
Sinotruck Low Bed Trailer Truck with a standard load capacity of 80 tons, allowing an overload of 25%. It is suitable for the transportation of large machinery, large ores, but also heavy goods such as steel coils and prefabricated steel frames.
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