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Sinotruck Howo Garbage Truck

HOWO Garbage Truck – Sinotruck heavy-duty Howo garbage truck chassis with compressor type from 10 to 18cbm, The hook type from 12 to 18cbm.

Automatic Grade: Automatic

Weight (KG): 25000kg

Chassis: Howo

Horsepower: 371/2200

Fuel Consumption(L/100km): 29

Sinotruck Howo Garbage Truck
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Product Description
Howo Garbage Truck – Compressor & Hook Type
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The SINOTRUK HOWO Packer Garbage Truck produced by CSCTRUCK serves the specialized purpose of efficiently gathering urban residents’ household waste and other compressible refuse. Comprising a sealed garbage compartment, a hydraulic system, and an operational interface, this vehicle operates as a cohesive unit. Its design ensures complete containment throughout the processes of self-compression, self-dumping, and compression, channeling all wastewater into a dedicated sewage tank. Notably, the pivotal components of packer garbage trucks are sourced as imports, boasting superior performance metrics such as high-pressure capabilities, impeccable sealing mechanisms, ease of operation, safety provisions, and labor-saving functionalities. This amalgamation of features not only guarantees operational efficiency but also underscores the packer garbage truck’s capacity to navigate the demands of urban waste management with precision and reliability.


1. The hydraulic system’s key components, including the control valve, oil cylinder, and connecting pipeline, boast advanced design, dependable performance, user-friendly operation, and easy maintenance.

2. Employing a cutting-edge electronic control system, featuring an imported PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) for integrated control alongside manual operation.

3. Enhanced with a back pressure valve, the push plate control valve facilitates 2-way compression of waste. Automatically adjusting the garbage accommodation space, the push plate moves to the front of the body, ensuring high loading efficiency.

4. An optional rear monitoring system is available for seamless visual monitoring during cab loading and unloading operations.

5. Equipped with a dedicated emergency brake button, the garbage pressing mechanism halts in any state or position, prioritizing operator and equipment safety.

6. Users have the flexibility to select from various collection mechanisms tailored to different waste collection methods.


    HOWO Refuse Compactor Truck COMPACTOR
Model Number QDZ5251ZYSA
Chassis Number ZZ1257N4341W
Driving type 6*4
Rated Loading Weight(kg) 10000
Kerb Weight(kg) 15000
Total Mass(kg) 25000
Overall dimesion(L*W*H)mm 9980*2500*3650
Min. Turning Circle (m) 21.6
Max. Speed (Km/h) 90
Fuel Consumption(L/100km) 29
Engine SINOTRUK Brand,WD615.47,EURO-2
Horse Power(hp/r/min) 371/2200
Volume of the Body(m3) 18.5
Volume of the Filler(m3) 2.5
Time of one Loading Cycle(s) <25
Time of one Unloading Cycle(s) <40
Max Brake Crase Pressure(kgf) >35000
Transmission HW19710,  10 forward and 2 reverse
Clutch Dia.430mm, Hydraulically operating with air assitance
Front Axle HF7
Rear Axle ST16
Steering ZF8098
Brake Dual circuit compressed air service bake, spring energy parking brake, engine exhaust auxiliary brake, ABS for option
Tyre 12.00R20 Radial tyre
Sinotruck Howo Garbage Truck is the particular dump truck equipped with a hydraulic lifting mechanism and tail packer to compact the garbage, load, transfer, and dump the trash automatically.
Safe and Reliable
Safe and Reliable
More efficient and economical 2.0T turbocharger engine. McPherson independent front suspension / High-strength rear suspension with torsion beam Ultra-high-strength cage body, Reinforced boron steel side impact prevention
Comfortable driving
Comfortable driving
Bosch 9.3 ESP single tube hydraulic shock absorberFront and rear independent suspension
Exclusive luxury
Exclusive luxury
Luxury interior upholstery in leather in contrasting colors, ergonomic seats. 10.25-inch waterfall high-definition large screen, intelligent car connection.
Classic and Elegant
Aesthetic design highlighted by its conciseness and power. Integrated high and low beam headlights, high brightness inductive LED headlights. Large panoramic roof
10-inch Touchscreen. Electric Side Mirrors. Digital Meter. 360 Panoramic Cameras. Cruise Control. Keyless Entry System. GPS Navigation. Full LCD air conditioner touch panel Bluetooth/car phone Start the system with one click
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