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Sinotruk: Into South Korea, make every effort to do a good job in the home market!

Jun 17, 2024

In accordance with Sinotruk’s global strategic deployment, in order to do a good job in the “home” export business, on June 14-16, Sinotruk Tan Xuguang led a team to South Korea to research the market, in-depth visits to Weichai genset and ship power channel agent construction, to further increase the export of products, and, at the same time, visited and researched the development of Korea’s big data center and fuel cell (SOFC) demonstration application project. At the same time, he visited and researched the development of Korea’s big data center and the demonstration application project of fuel cell (SOFC).

Collaborating to Tap into Korea’s Data Center Growth Goldmine

On June 14, Sinotruk Tan Xuguang visited HANATEC, the agent of Baudouin power generation equipment, in Karatsu City, Korea, and discussed and exchanged ideas with Kim Yongsung, General Manager of COMMERICAL, and Zheng Jun, CEO of HANATEC.

COMMERICAL is Weichai’s largest sales channel for power generation products in Korea, and HANATEC is a subsidiary of COMMERRICAL, which has been cooperating with Weichai since 2007. Tan Xuguang said, Weichai in the industrial energy power market technology accumulation is profound, we are close to the Korean market, customer response speed is extremely fast. We hope that both sides will work together to seize the strategic opportunity of the rapid growth of power generation business in big data centers, work together to make the cake of the Korean market bigger, and work together to establish a good business order of mutual benefit and win-win situation.

Jin Rongxing said that the two sides have established a good foundation for cooperation, and Weichai’s power generation products are well recognized by customers in the Korean market. In the future, we will continue to expand the field of cooperation to better serve Korean customers.

Jointly create a global industrial development ecology for fuel cell (SOFC) technology

Tan Xuguang conducted an in-depth research on the product technical indexes and demonstration application prospects of the fuel cell (SOFC) in Karatsu City, South Korea.

Sinotruk Tan Xuguang said, Weichai is the founder of fuel cell (SOFC) business in China, we will go into South Korea and global partners to jointly create the industrial development ecology of fuel cell (SOFC) technology.

June 15 ,Sinotruk Tan Xuguang visited LG U+ data center, the largest Internet data center in South Korea, in Anyang City, South Korea, to learn more about the application scenarios of power generation equipment for large data centers.

Sinotruk¬† Tan Xuguang said, Weichai power generation products have the advantages of industry-leading technology, the cost advantage of large-scale production, and the shortest supply cycle guaranteed by dual supply chains. We will collaborate with Weichai’s French Baudouin and Singaporean teams to continuously provide Korean customers with high-tech, high-quality and green products.

Weichai is fully qualified to do a good job in the Korean marine power market.

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