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What are the precautions for SINOTRUK 's warranty policy?

Jun 21, 2024

1. Purpose of quality assurance

According to the management of automobile brand sales implementation procedures, quality assurance aims to further improve product assurance, realize brand management and service, improve service network construction, and maximize customer value.

2.Scope of Warranty

The warranty applies to trucks produced and manufactured by China National Heavy Duty Truck Group and its subsidiaries.

3. Content and provisions of warranty

3.1 The warranty period is 6 months or 30,000 kilometers, whichever comes first, from the date when the goods under this contract are put into the warehouse at the factory, and the warranty is only for the three major parts, namely, engine, drive axle and transmission.

3.2 The warranty policy only applies to those who strive to use the vehicle in accordance with the operating instructions of China National Heavy Duty Truck Corporation (Sinotruck), otherwise the warranty right is deemed to be automatically waived.

3.3 China National Heavy Duty Truck Corporation (CNHTC) will not provide warranty service for any damage caused by severe overloading of the truck, or accidents caused by forced operation.

3.4 Normal wear parts:

Oil filter, fuel filter, air filter, brake shoe wear pads, clutch disc, fan belt, wiper blades, light bulbs, fuses, lubricating oil, grease, coolant, battery fluid, fuel, tires, etc.

3.5 If the mileage cannot be determined due to the malfunction of odometer or control system, the cumulative calculation will be as follows: Actual mileage: 400 kilometers per day for road transportation vehicles and 200 kilometers per day for other vehicles since the date of purchase.

3.6 The series of vehicles produced by China National Heavy Duty Truck (CNHTC) has reached the range between 2000-4000 kilometers of users must be maintained at the first time, after the first repair, the vehicle must be maintained in a timely manner every 10,000 kilometers (about 5000 kilometers off-road use of the vehicle). Failures due to lack of maintenance will not be guaranteed.

3.7 The power supply (battery cables) must be disconnected when welding vehicle parts. Otherwise, all electrical damage will not be guaranteed.

4 Vehicle Warranty

4.1 For Sinotruck tractor series or other truck series for road use including brands HOWO, HOWO A7, HOHAN, Wojia, Golden Prince, etc., the warranty is for one year or 100,000 kilometers year, whichever comes first.

4.2 For dump trucks or other off-road trucks including brands HOWO A7, HOHAN, Golden Prince, etc., the warranty period is half a year or 30,000 kilometers, whichever comes first.

Quality warranty period the seller is only responsible for damaged parts of the accessories for new parts. It is not responsible for other related costs (such as labor costs, lost labor costs, costs incurred by the parts outside the country, other expansion of the loss, etc.)

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