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Up knowledge! These SINOTRUK old drivers truck driving skills, collect to benefit for life!

Jun 20, 2024

Driving a truck is not as easy as the average person thinks, it is a skilled job. For SINOTRUK truck drivers, the most dangerous thing is not driving fast, but being distracted! So driving a truck requires a high degree of concentration, observation of the road, to be able to watch and listen to all sides, truck drivers are quite a tiring job.

To reduce or eliminate the occurrence of traffic accidents, in addition to the truck driver’s own skillful driving ability, but also need more experience. Today I summarized some of the old drivers driving skills, I hope to help the majority of truckers.
1, normal driving, if the front car suddenly parallel to give way, should really ready to immediately release the oil ready to brake, because it is likely that the road ahead of the situation, while observing both sides of the rear-view mirror, to determine if you want to parallel to which side and.
2, big trucks from stepping on the brake pedal to have a braking effect than cars, oil brake light trucks to slower, big trucks, big quality, long body, from stepping on the pedal to open the gas circuit to the gas full top open piston needs a process, after stepping on the brakes will not stop immediately, so if you find that there is a situation must step on the brakes in advance.
3, when you look in the rear-view mirror to see other cars a little bit of effort, that is, you should turn on the lights, not to see the road, but in order to be seen you, especially during the day when it rains.
4, driving parallel must be careful, do not let the car behind the brake, if he stepped on the brake to avoid you, he may step on the gas!
5, queuing up, in order to prevent others from congestion, in congestion on the side of the car, leaving more than half the body, to give themselves to the left detour to make room, traffic jam or waiting for the light, do not follow too close, should leave a distance, to prevent the front car malfunctioning themselves are caught in the middle.
6, can not overtake when turning, do not overtake when there is an intersection in front of you, and do not overtake when the red light turns green to start, and do not overtake when you do not pass the intersection completely.
7, after parking, don’t put anything in the car, even half a cigarette may cost your car glass.
8, parking more than 3 hours, be sure to warm up the car, no matter spring, summer, fall or winter, here is not the water temperature, but your lubrication system, as for the water temperature, you can drive while hot.

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