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SINOTRUK tell you emergency tips for highway tire blowouts!

Jun 21, 2024

It’s actually not difficult to drive on the highway, but it’s much more dangerous, why? The most important skill for high speed driving is high speed emergency response ability.

Driving on the highway, regardless of whether there is a car in front of and behind, both hands should hold the direction, do not drive with one hand. High speed due to the tire speed is very high, heat, wear and tear increased, the pressure increases, easy to flat tire. So high-speed driving must always be vigilant about tire blowout accidents.

Once a tire blowout occurs, the correct way to deal with it is: hold the steering wheel with both hands and correct the car’s bias. Keep the vehicle stable forward, let go of the gas pedal, and so on the speed down to 40 kilometers or so, gently hit the direction of the car to the emergency parking belt. Do not brake sharply when you have a flat tire, or you will have a rollover accident. Generally come to the left tire burst, the car will be to the left, this time to turn the direction slightly to the right in order to keep from deviating from the lane. The right tire burst the same direction to the left with a little force.

Don’t speed

More than 160 kilometers per hour, car accidents, the mortality rate is 100%. 120 has been very fast, and then urgent matters are not as important as life safety.

When driving, pay special attention to the elderly and small children. Especially in the urban and rural areas, people and machines mixed lanes. Many elderly people will suddenly cross the road without warning.

Wide vision

During driving, it is important to observe and predict the trajectory of all objects moving in front of, behind and to the right. This is something that many people may not be able to do, but make an effort to do so.

Only when you have predicted its likely trajectory route can you be ready to respond in an emergency. It is a good idea to scan all three mirrors every few tens of seconds while driving. Also try to see the road in front of the car in front of you through the glass of the car in front of you as much as possible, in short, the wider the field of vision, the better.

Pay attention to other people’s tips to you

Sometimes you have a problem with your car that you don’t realize yourself, but the vehicle you’re traveling with can see it, and the other person may alert you to it by glancing at you, beeping their horn, or lighting up.

So when you are driving and you encounter someone flashing their horn or pointing at you for no apparent reason, the first thing you need to think about is whether there is something unusual about your car, and it’s a good idea to stop in a safe place to check it out before you go.

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