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SINOTRUK takes stock of those van driving tips summarized by veteran drivers!

Jun 19, 2024

This is an SINOTRUK old driver to share with the majority of driver friends, he got his license so far about 300,000 kilometers, 12 years of driving experience, talking about his years of safe driving experience, although it may not be very comprehensive, but as long as every driver can take their own experience to share with everyone, you can brainstorming, the majority of driver friends of the safety of driving play a good role in guidance. The guiding role.

Large truck driving skills

1, drive heavy trucks first of all to know the characteristics of heavy trucks, heavy trucks quality, inertia; high center of gravity, centrifugal force. The body is long and occupies a large space. The wheelbase is long, the inner wheel difference is big. Pneumatic braking, fast braking response. The steering wheel is large and the response is slower than that of a small car. More gears (more than six) and gear gap is small, in short, more complex operation than driving a small car, the intensity is greater.

2, start clutch, gas pedal, handbrake with accurate, especially release the handbrake timing.

3, uphill start clutch node more stable, the throttle is slightly larger, but the advantage of a large car is a gear start than a small car power, start easier.

4, shift in time, can not drag the gear, especially uphill in advance to ensure that the reserve power.

5, shift with two clutches, downshift and empty oil.

6, downhill hanging low-speed gears, do not skid in neutral.

7, turn to turn in advance according to the curve, take the appropriate angle of sharp bends, give full consideration to the inner wheel difference, that is, turn big bends, continuous curves when the situation permits, as far as possible to cut the bright curve, reduce the impact of centrifugal force.

8, heavy truck braking can not be continuous braking, pay attention to the air pressure to prevent loss of control. Because of the air pressure braking response fast, to practice more, master the strength.

9, the direction of the big car to play full about 3.5 turns, so to practice pulling the big handle, not like a small car rubbing the plate.

10, parking, reversing to fully consider the trajectory of the car, space position.

11, overtaking to choose the right time, leaving plenty of room for maneuver, shall not rush to hit the direction.

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