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SINOTRUK electric heavy duty truck winter guide - power battery

Jun 20, 2024

If you want your car to last longer, then you can’t get away from the maintenance of the truck. Especially in winter, the maintenance of electric heavy trucks has become the core concern of many users.
At present, the pure electric heavy truck power system is mainly lithium-ion batteries, due to its chemical characteristics, low-temperature performance will be weaker than room temperature, as evidenced by the unsuitability of high-current charging, discharging, therefore, low-temperature vehicle will cause some changes:

First, the power battery (large battery) discharge capacity is reduced, the vehicle power is weakened, generally appearing in the vehicle continues to be in a low-temperature environment does not operate the first trip out of the car, it is recommended that the vehicle is not used when the vehicle will be parked in the thermal insulation environment.

Second, low-temperature environment, in order to ensure the operation of the vehicle and protect the availability of power batteries, power batteries (large batteries) will automatically start the heating function, at this time, the power battery charging capacity is weakened, the intensity of the vehicle’s energy recovery is reduced, the range is reduced accordingly, and the vehicle’s electric power consumption will be increased, these are normal phenomena, the car does not need to panic.

It is recommended to plug in the gun charging before driving or wait for heating in place, increase the minimum temperature of the power battery to 5 ℃, improve the efficiency of energy recovery, in the vehicle power SOC is lower than 30%, please charge in a timely manner, and at the same time, reasonable use of the warm air level, to improve the vehicle range.

Third, low-temperature environment, high-current charging will cause damage to the power battery (large battery) system, will reduce the service life of the power battery, in order to protect the power battery system, the charging power will be adjusted according to the temperature of the power battery charging power, charging time will be increased by 0.5-1h.

If the vehicle is in a low temperature environment for a long time (e.g. -15℃ or below), the first charging time will even be extended by more than 1h. The temperature of the power battery is high after a day of operation, it is recommended to charge it as soon as possible after the end of operation, which can shorten the charging time.

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