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SINOTRUK automotive product warranty brochure description

Jun 21, 2024

We recommend you to use the authentic heavy truck parts and special oil for heavy trucks provided by Heavy Duty Truck Parts Company to provide more intimate service for your car. Dear customer: Welcome to use our products, our after-sales service system will provide you with fast and satisfactory service. In order to maximize the extension of the service life of the products you have purchased, and to create the best economic benefits for you, this manual is specially produced. Please read the content of this manual carefully and keep it properly after accepting the vehicle. (Please pay special attention to the fact that this warranty certificate will not be reissued if it is lost.) Please remember the following precautions at the same time.

1,Please use and maintain the vehicle according to the regulations in the “User’s Manual” of Heavy Duty Trucks;
2, in the vehicle driving 2000-4000 kilometers, please bring this manual and the purchase invoice to the Heavy Duty Truck Service Station (address see this manual for details of Truck Service Station address book) for mandatory maintenance;
3. For every 10,000 kilometers of mileage increase after the mandatory maintenance, please go to Heavy Duty Truck Special Service Station for regular maintenance.
4. The “Heavy Duty Truck Product Warranty Card” in this manual is the necessary proof of vehicle warranty. If you do not carry out the mandatory maintenance for your vehicle according to the regulations, or carry out the maintenance in the maintenance unit not recognized by our company, your vehicle will not enjoy the right of “warranty maintenance service”; 5.
5. If your vehicle breaks down, please go to the nearest Heavy Duty Vehicle Service Station in time for identification and processing, otherwise Heavy Duty Vehicle will not bear the user’s self-maintenance and other costs; 6.
6, please use the repair parts and lubricants recognized by SAIC or Heavy Duty Truck, especially the (air, oil, fuel) filter (core).
7.Without the written permission of the product development department of Heavy Duty Truck, no changes shall be made to the vehicle.
8,In order to protect your legitimate rights and interests, if you are not satisfied with the service of the special service unit, you can contact with our sales company customer service center directly, you will get satisfactory help.

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